This “Science-Fantasy” campaign will concentrate on the PC’s surviving in a hostile environment, rebuilding civilization and battling the many threats to Post-Cataclysm Earth! Set in the ruins of American continents, this campaign gives the players a chance to explore a blasted and grim version of their “stomping-grounds.” This is a cinematic action-oriented campaign setting!

“The year is now 2162 (or 151, or 32,173, or Six Monkey Slap-Slap, depending on your point of view). It’s been a hundred and fifty years since the Big Mistake, and the Earth is a very different place. The ruins of the Ancients (that’s you and me) litter a landscape of radioactive deserts, mutated jungles, and vast, unexplored wildernesses. Strange new creatures, such as beetles the size of cars and superevolved badgers with Napoleonic complexes, roam the world. The survivors of humanity gather in primitive tribes or huddle in trade towns that rarely rise above the technology of the Dark Ages. Even the nature of humanity is now different, because generations of exposure to radiation, mutagens, and the debris of other realities have transformed humans into a race of mutants who have major physical alterations and potent mental abilities.” – Gamma World

The primary inspirations for this setting are as follows:

  • DnD 4E Gamma World (of course!)
  • The Fallout computer RPG series, particularly Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas
  • Jonathon Tweet’s fabulous and concise Omega World d20
  • Colin Chapman’s Atomic Highway and Irradiated Freaks
  • Shane Lacey Hensley’s Deadlands: Hell on Earth (Wasted West)
  • Nathaniel Torson’s Barbarians of the Aftermath
  • Thundarr the Barbarian
  • Jack Kirby’s Kamandi

The primary conceits of this setting are as follows:

  • This is a science-fantasy setting, stress on fantasy. Weird science trumps real science! Science fact and analysis takes a back seat to weird science theories that make gaming more fun and interesting. Anachronisms are embraced, as long as they are cool, stylish and add to the overall fun and adventure! This aligns with the overall Gamma World concept of the “Big Mistake” the source of the apocalypse and Alpha Mutations.
  • This is a “points of light” setting – vast wilderness expanse with small, disparate pockets of civilization. These include various underground vaults, domed cities, tribal encampments, and re-claimed and fortified structures of the Ancients.
  • Action is King! And, in the tradition of action-movies and pulp adventures, two-fists and a gun (or in this case, Omega-tech and Alpha-Mutations) will often save the day!
  • Fun, Cool and Awesome trumps Rules-as-Written – Much like earlier RPGs, the rules are guidelines, which help everyone to stay on the same page. However, if someone has a neat stunt they’d like their character to try, I’ll make an effort to “say yes or roll the dice” whenever possible, although there may be a price to pay…
  • Sandbox Exploration – I’m nostalgic for the days of characters exploring the GM’s world, moving from hex to hex, following rumors and adventure hooks, driving the collective story forward. I haven’t tried this style since college and will need the players help, support and input to make this successful.

Half-Past Armageddon

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